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Rainy Rant

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I have thirty minutes before class, and I need to blow off some steam. Sorry but you are about to get an earful.

First off, I went shopping for Christmas decorations which was lovely. However, I got to the checkout, and the lady ripped me off. This is not unusual among Italian merchants, however the point of frustration is that I just let her do it. I knew that she charged me twice for a product (among several unnecessary Christmassy knick-knacks), but I didn't say anything. Conveniently, it was the most expensive item, and there was no receipt that was listed item by item.

I let myself get taken advantage of, and I somehow lost my voice. I took it laying down. Where had my fight gone? I would never usually submit like that, and this is why I'm bummed about it. She likely did it because I told her I don't speak Italian, and it really makes me feel like just another bum in the rain.

I wondered to myself if this is the big city mentality? Millions of people pass by me everyday, and none of them are exceptional in any way- they are just more people. When grannies pushed me elbows and all to get onto the metro, I used to be bothered by it. Now I am unphased by it. What happend to the common good in everyone? Working together makes a better world people!!! In a world that seems to take advantage of the sincere people, I don't want to be a sucker, but I don't want to live that selfishly either.

Secondly, and perhalps more randomly, are there no umbrella ethics? I have never lived in a rainy city, and it seems that Milan's winter season is actually it's rainy season. If I thought that Italian drivers were something to be cautious of while walking down the street, I was wrong- the umbrellas are the real killer. Flying left and right, stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, turning around - these clearly double as weapons! I feel unarmed walking down the street without the flamboyantly colourful rain protection. Pedestrians with umbrellas resemble a game of "chicken". Trust me, they won't flinch or back down.

Ok that may have wasted your time, but I needed to either go for a run (not gonna happen in the rain/without a 150 Euro gym pass) or tell someone. I decided to tell you all haha.

I will write about Dublin soon to compensate for this atrocity of a winy blog post.

Love and miss you always,

Posted by jwinitaly 07:56

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