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Ciao 2009! Ciao 2010!

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Happy New Year!!!!!!!

It is a new year, and since my last epic tale, my luck has really turned around. So no, today I will not be depressing you or incidentally accepting pity from you like a gypsy with a coin cup. Today the sun is brighter, and hell, I am in Italy and have been granted the gift of time, so what is there to complain about anyway!

A couple days before New Years I was getting cabin fever. I spontaneously decided upon a day trip to Bologna alone. I had messaged my friend Josh with no reply, and my other friends were still off with their families doing family things for the holidays and such. I prepared myself lunch and everything, but by the time I went to bed it was around 3 am.

When I set my alarm for 6 am, I was doomed to fail.

Naturally, I slept until 12 pm. However, I awoke to a message from Josh that he wanted to join me, so we arranged to go the following day after a night of beer pong. That worked out really well.

Bologna was beautiful. Red brick buildings that the city is known for protected us from the chill of the wind. We appreciated how well preserved some of the history was there. It sort of reminded me of Greece in that sense. The Duomo in the main piazza is interesting because it looks from the outside to be built in two different styles, split horizontally almost perfectly.

The church was as beautiful as to be expected, from inside to out, but what really caught our eyes was the fountain that sat at the entrance of the piazza like a bouncer. This bouncer was bold and holding a trident atop four women on their knees. Already one can see the explicit innuendos of a strong male raised up high with not one, but FOUR women on their knees below him, but to add to it, they all have water flowing freely from their nipples. The women are posed naked on their knees holding their exposed boobs to perk them or perhaps aim their squirt guns. This isn’t a fountain that I would like for my garden.

We didn’t get a chance to try the local bolognaise sauce because we were so cold that we wanted to leave early. It was around 6, and it was dark, and we were ok with it.

New Years Eve followed shortly after, and Josh and I joined Angie at her apartment for food, drinks, and adventures. Angie had invited me to come and essentially live with her because we both had our roommates leave. I loaded up my massive travelling pack with everything I needed to live at Angie’s (which was farm more than I actually needed) and prepared a salad and dressing and garlic toast and my faux champagne. Josh was going to come over and carry some of it for me, but by the time I was toe-tapping ready, he was doddling.

It took me an hour to get to Angie’s house. I strapped on my pack and carried the food with both arms. What I didn’t consider was that I was wearing a short skirt with nylons and knee high boots, and it was 5 pm. I walked through the metro station and felt my skirt hiking and eyes staring, but there was not a thing that I could do about it. As if my long blonde hair wasn’t an immediate flag, now I was practically flashing the whole metro. I probably should have just waited for Josh to help me.

Nonetheless, I managed to avoid any more of my Bridget Jones moments for the rest of 2009. We welcomed 2010 outside by the castle. They had a crazy light display going that was a massive propeller spinning strings of lights that changed colours, sped up, and flashed on and off. It was a little trippy to be honest. We watched the fireworks but missed the countdown! We were in such a huge group of people that we assumed we would hear them yelling it, but they didn’t count down! Angie looked at her cell phone at 12:01 and was upset, so I started yelling “Diece! Nove! Otto!” We had our own countdown.

We wandered the streets for hours following the momentum of people. There were bangs cracking from every which angle from firecrackers, and Josh found himself in a cynical attitude about it. I laughed and wished that I had bought a few myself because one flew through my hair thus declaring war on me, the unarmed soldier.

We got to our overpriced club at 2 am and were happy to be inside. The alcohol had started to wear off, and we realized how cold it was outside. My hair was tangled to hell from the two hour Milano adventure, but it was well worth it. I really missed my friends back home that night, but I partied on until 5 am in honour of them.

I spent the next four days with Angie living at her place. It was nice to have a good friend back and a roommate again! She got rid of my holiday blues for sure.

One of the days we went to Fidenza about an hour from Milano. There we shuttled to a remote location where we were exposed to Boxing Day for rich people. It was a designer outlet mall discounted. It was absolute mayhem in all the stores that included Armani, Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, and the likes.

I picked up a purse in Versace that was sixteen hundred Euros on sale from four thousand Euros, and I nearly dropped it when I saw the price. I kept thinking that I was about to get kicked out of the store like a kid that isn’t supposed to touch anything. Beautiful people were everywhere, and I felt like there was some sort of unwritten dress code that I hadn’t abided by. I secretly thought I would see a celebrity, but I didn’t.

Angie came out with 2 euro legwarmers, and I found chocolate in the Lindt store. I found humour in Lindt being at a designer outlet mall - designer chocolate? I'm classy.

After a little disappointment that the sales weren’t brought down to our level, we trained to a nearby town called Parma. We spent a mere two hours walking around, but enjoyed each others company and the sunset.

The trip to the outlet mall was like going to Willy Wonka’s Factory for us-where you go to look but not indulge. It was an eye-opening experience. Me, I would rather plan my trip back to Italy than have a purse that I would lose or ruin within two weeks! But the shoes were sure pretty…

I left Angie’s house to pack for Spain, and sort out all the accommodations for my family’s trip here. I am so relieved to have everything planned and booked! I really hope that I didn’t screw it up! The pressure is on.

I leave for Spain in the morning by myself. I will fly to Madrid for two days then fly to Barcelona for two days before returning back to Milano. Supposedly Spain is huge on pick-pocketers, so I will likely be a victim. I am more nervous about flying, and with no word of a lie, I considered not going at all. I had booked this trip a couple months ago at a very cheap price. I have grown a pair in the last few days and am currently excited. I will return with stories about how wonderful my experiences were on all three of my flights. Do I sound convinced?

Love and Miss you always,

P.S. My family is coming in 11 days!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

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