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Oh Canada 08.04.2010
A Stray Traveler Part I: The Brady Bunch Does Europe 14.02.2010
Three Week Limbo 27.01.2010
Ciao! I mean Hey! I mean Hola! 14.01.2010
Ciao 2009! Ciao 2010! 04.01.2010
Well That's One Way to Look at It... 28.12.2009
Prague Blog 16.12.2009
If That was the "Low Season"... 09.12.2009
I Like Guinness, aka I'm Badass 02.12.2009
Rainy Rant 30.11.2009
Some Kind of Meat and Potatoes 26.11.2009
I Didn't Star in Hostel 3 19.11.2009
I Miss the English Language More than I Thought 12.11.2009
Why Doesn't Every October End in Shorts 03.11.2009
Don't Look Down at the Top of the Eiffel Tower 28.10.2009
Eurotrip - Budapest, Vienna, the Alps, and the Dolomites 22.10.2009
Life in Milan 15.10.2009
Everything is Bigger at Oktoberfest 06.10.2009
Holiday from My Holiday 28.09.2009
When the Moon Hits the Sky... 24.09.2009
Lost in the City and Giulietta's Boob 20.09.2009
School and Lake Como 13.09.2009
Made It!!! 09.09.2009